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Feelings of stress, conflict, anxiety, guilt, panic, fear, anger, failure or depression are some of the usual forms of suffering that many experience daily. Toxic relationships, unresolved childhood issues, unfulfilling work, family pressures, financial difficulties and disillusionment can all contribute to a dissatisfaction with life.

As there is a unified connection between the mind and body, undesirable mental conditions often manifest as physical irregularities and illness. Physical problems often multiply as attempts are made to treat these symptoms with drugs (prescribed or illegal), increased alcohol use or other addictions. These “treatments” in turn create new problems from the undesirable side effects of the treatments.

My experience has shown that drugs, alcohol and medications such as anti-depressants do not work to resolve the cause of the mental or emotional difficulties. Drugs can slow needed life changes from occurring as they minimize danger signals in the mind-body-spirit system from being properly transmitted.

Depression, anxiety, panic and illness are alarms that say lifestyle, thinking, and relationships must alter their current course. It is not uncommon for those who become dependent on drugs to “function” yet find increased dosages and additional medications necessary to deal with many negative side effects of each drug. Medications have their place for short term or extreme conditions but are only truly effective when incorporated with inner transformational work learning new tools for living.

Mental, emotional and physical symptoms are messages from your system. By listening and studying them we discover the inner process that controls them. This provides direction for the amazing healing power of the Creative Intelligence of the body-mind-spirit connections. Through learning new tools of personal empowerment and accessing the core parts of the unconscious mind, old unhealthy patterns are released and effective new approaches developed.

Life can become irritating even overwhelming when the loving and joyful aspects of it have been forgotten. It is from your recognition of the need for change now that choices and demand for improvement comes.

Modern Therapeutic Approaches

The theoretical basis of the therapies used are based on the ageless wisdom of ancient and modern spiritual, philosophical and psychological processes. I use Neurologist Programming (NLP), Psycho- neuropathology, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Core Transformation, Childhood and Past Life Regression, Medical Meditation, Time Line Therapy, Phototropic Breathing, Shamanism, Personal Coaching, Hellinger Constellations and Miracle Repatterning designed to heighten awareness, concentration, and focus while in a deeply relaxed state. These techniques help locate the causes of clients difficulties and gain understanding how to affect deep inner transformation which produces beneficial results in their life and environment.

The processes used, help release harmful negative energies and interference while expanding awareness and healthy decision making abilities. Clients develop new successful strategies to enjoy life with out being haunted by their past, and gain empowering tools to live well, feel peaceful and be happy!

The process of healing is an exciting adventure through many dimensions of the mind, the body and spirit. As unwanted conditions dissolve, a bright, joyful and loving person emerges. Is this your time now?

Here are just a few remarks from clients (of course your experience will vary)

Saving a Marriage.
“I thought my marriage was over. I was depressed. Communication, love and satisfying sexual relations were long gone. Then like a miracle, I was peaceful, happy and having fun together better then when we first met! In a matter of hours, years of suffering were gone. What a blessing.” – Administrator

Overcoming Depression.
“After years on anti-depressants, I still wasn’t happy. Then in just 2 months of therapy, I’m happy again and completely off medication – Yippee!” – Business Owner

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Online Personal training

Online Personal Training is available for members who seek help to incorporate the principles of Clear Mind, Open Heart Meditation; Peaceful Living; Miracle Mindedness and Deep Healing for Developing Open Mindedness in your life, directly with Dr. Brian Sheen

To schedule an appointment with Brian Sheen C.A.M. call The Quantum Healing Center
at (561) 272-3733 or email Dr. Sheen at


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