Incredible New Opportunities

So many incredible things have been happening lately I am not sure where to start. It feels like the entire universe is opening so wide to welcome what we are doing at FICAM. Amazing opportunities are manifesting daily. I only hope we will be able to fill this increasing demand with trained and committed students becoming practitioners to handle what is coming next.
a leapAsk yourself this question….If you could follow your heart to learn and then share the knowledge of helping heal yourself and others with the holistic healing methods of complementary and alternative medicine AND know there were many opportunities for you to earn a good living while doing it, would you now be ready to make this happen today?
Complementary and alternative medicine is coming into the mainstream and a very rapid pace. We are ready to surf these new waves. Production has  begun to create two powerful infomercials to be run nationwide that will share the  knowledge and techniques of our holistic healing model to demonstrate how to maintain greater levels of wellness and personal ability in life following our models.
One infomercial will present our holistic healing model which addresses the five levels of our human experience, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and inter-personally, for preventing illness and maintaining wellness, This infomercial will focus on stress management, life extension,building self esteem and self confidence,finding your life’s’ purpose, forming more satisfying relationships and knowing how to be responsible for living a heart directed life. Programs include goal setting and developing  the skills necessary to achieve one’s personal/career objectives as well as achieving emotional and physical well being that touch on exercise, nutrition and preventive health practices.
This initiative will follow up the infomercials with seminars and workshops nationwide to share this knowledge. This will also begin to set up a network of trained practitioners around the country who can begin working part and full time in their communities . There will be personal training for healing and growth as well as training for  becoming professional practitioners Whether graduates want to work part of full time is up top them but through our training graduates will be able to run their own practices to become part of this new  emerging  wellness system.
Our infomercial directed project will require a wide variety of staff who can be involved with marketing, administration, teaching, counseling  and sales in the different cities we appear. We ask for those  involved in our project to be committed to our mission of sharing this knowledge and to becoming trained in these techniques. FICAM students will be the first choice to fill these jobs. . Others will need to go though our training programs to ensure they are fully aligned with what and how we do things.
The second infomercial and follow up training program will specialize in  Attention Dynamics. This program aims at removing the distressing influences that cause distraction, release of stress build up, making better connecting choices to improve communication and rapport in relationships as well as improved work and study skills to enhance productivity and enjoyment of the work/study process.
As you can see we are well positioned to align to the Obama Health Care Bill which contains directives for the formalization of the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. I can tell you that my business partner in this venture of whose vision this is, currently is a major player in the health care field with 20 hospital under his management!  He like myself knows that a special governmental council is being formed to ensure this new profession will be able to help out country shift our existing sick-care system into a health care system. He feels as I do  that  as 75% of all chronic illnesses are preventable, ( Research from the CDC ,The Center For Disease Control). someone needs to step forward and meet this growing need that steps out of the box from current thinking.
Part of true wellness  reminds us that we are not mere physical bodies needing to relieve unwanted symptoms, but we are holistic in nature with mental, emotional and spiritual aspects which also need to be healthy and balanced. We believe that learning how the mind, emotions and spirit operate at  a deeper causal level of existence which is often prior to where illness began. can be helpful in the prevention of chronic illness. As Frances Bacon once said “Knowledge is power”
To make this even easier we are introducing a special Pay It Forward scholarship. This is in honor of my mother who recently passed. She financed the start of my center 15 years ago, She always loved to see people feeling better and gaining more freedom and ability from their involvement here.
Even though the cost of our school is  approximately only $20 a day (the cost of making your lunch at home instead of going out for lunch), qualified individuals for this Pay it Forward program could receive a twenty five percent (25%)  reduction in the cost of training to bring the cost to only $15 a day!.

Are you ready to follow your dream? Remember..your dream is waiting for you to happen..and all it takes to make it happen is deciding now to take one step forward at a time do the best you can and start moving into action. Isn’t it time you fulfilled your hearts deepest desire? Call Sara at 561 -212-7029 today and take the easy steps to move ahead to start your incredible new life….NOW!


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